The power of
indoor location

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Innovation that makes getting lost a thing of the past

Whether your indoor space is a shopping mall, a hospital, an academic institution
or any other indoor campus - your visitors tend to get lost easily.

Proud to bring innovation to our partners

Our Solution

Indoor navigation & wayfinding platform

Navin specializes in indoor & outdoor navigation and orientation services. Using its unique technology, Navin enables visitors to easily navigate the most complex indoor spaces and campuses.

Our platform provides a seamless end-to-end navigation experience that reduces the cost associated with inefficiencies and late arrivals.

Give your visitors an innovative experience to find their destination with Interactive Mobile Navigation App,
Smart Wayfinding Kiosks, and Web Maps of your institution.

One Platform - 360° Solution

Give your visitors the most efficient wayfinding experience through:
an intuitive mobile navigation app, an interactive wayfinding kiosk, embedded digital maps

Mobile App

Navigate on the go with Navin Mobile App.
Give visitors the tool to reach their destination on time,
both indoors and outdoors.

Wayfinding Kiosks​

Interactive wayfinding screens
provide visitors easy-to-read maps
and give them turn-by-turn directions in any language, all in a few simple taps.

Live Web Maps​

Live and Embedded web maps make route-planning easy, efficient and convenient.
Allowing visitors to easily plan their routes in advance.


Indoor navigation for all buildings and campuses


Your patients will get to their appointments on time

Shopping Malls​

Learn your customers' habits and preferences inside your mall


Let students and campus visitors find their way to class

High-Tech Campuses

Successful meetings start on time with our indoor navigation


Your visitors will never miss a flight


Guide your visitors through their cultural tour


Never again late to a


Control and manage facility traffic