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People spend 85% of their time indoors in public venues that could use some mapping. The main challenge is - GPS does not work inside. Existing indoor navigation apps are not scalable and could be heavy-handed. We have rose up to the occasion and developed an app and a patented technology that turn smartphones into mapping devices. Our app works outdoors too, enables users to create crowd sourced pathways operating as a door-to-door navigation platform.

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Meet The Team

Lior Ronen
Founder, CEO & CTO

Dan Eshet
COO & Marketing

Roy Yotvat
Product Manager

Dor Miron

Ron Rozenblum
GIS, QA & Digital Marketing

Noam Shimonovitz

Omry Rosenberg
Mobile Developer


6 registered patents in
the US and Europe

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Graduate

8200 EISP Accelerator Graduate

Fusion LA Accelerator Graduate